Nahum Tevet

1946 – Born  in Kibbutz Messilot, Israel

1969-70 – Studied  painting with painter  Raffi Lavie

since 1973 – Lives and works in Tel Aviv

1980-2013 – Professor  at the Fine Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

2001-2010 – Head of the Master’s Degree Program in Fine Art, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design


Selected Solo Exhibitions and Projects

2017 – Muzeum Sztuki Lodz, “Nahum Tevet: Works on Glass 1972–1975” Curated by Thierry de Duve.

2016 – Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Gallery, Hunter College, New York, NY, “Nahum Tevet: Works on Glass 1972–1975” Curated by Thierry de Duve (catalog, texts: Thierry de Duve, Sarah Watson in Conversation with Nahum Tevet).

2015 – Kunstmuseum Bochum (Germany) and Ein Harod Museum of Art (Israel) “The Rough law of Gardens – Nahum Tevet & Olaf Holzappel“, curated by Hans Gunter Golinnski and Galia Bar Or (catalog, text: Galia Bar Or).

2014 –  Loushy Art & Projects, Tel Aviv. – “House Tables

2013 – Gallery Giacomo Guidi, Milan.  “Nahum Tevet- Islands, Works  2010-2013 ”  (Catalogue, text by –  Claudio Libero pisano).

2012 – Hezi Cohen Gallery,Tel Aviv; “Gregor Schneider & Nahum Tevet : Pension”  curated by Ory Dessau.

2012 – Tel Aviv University Art Gallery, “Walking   on The Wall, Nahum Tevet Small Sculptures1980-2012”  Curated  by Sarit Shapira,(catalogue, texts :Sarit Shapira, James Trainor).

2011 – Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, “Diver

2010 – Lodz Biennale, At the Same Time, Two-Room Installation,”

2009 – Permanent  installation, International Bank head office building, Tel Aviv  Ursa Major with Chairs and Boats

2009 – Volume! Foundation, Rome; “Installation for Four Rooms“,  curated by Claudia Gioia (catalogue, texts: Claudia Gioia, Carlo Truppi, Ilaria Marotta, Raphael Zagur -Orly)

2008 – Herzliya Museum for Contemporary Art, ” Several Things,”  curated by Dalia Levin

2008 – Museo d’arte Contemporanea Roma (MACRO), “Nahum Tevet” , curated by Danilo Eccher (catalogue; texts : Francis Mc’Kee, Danilo Eccher in conversation with Nahum Tevet)

2007 – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; “NahumTevet:Works,1994-2006”  curator: Sarit Shapira,(catalogue; texts by Sarit Shapira, Hagi Knaan, Eli Friedlander, Sarit Shapira in conversation with Nahum Tevet and Ohad Naharin)

2005 – Le Quartier, Center for Contemporary Art, Quimper, France; “Nahum Tevet:Take Two” curated by  Dominique Abensour (pamphlet; text by Jean-Marc Huitorel).

2004 – Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA), Dundee, Scotland; “Nahum Tevet:Seven Walks“, curated byKatrina Brown.

1998 – Dvir Gallery,  Tel Aviv  “A Page from a Catalogue and Other Works”.

1997 – Museum of Modern Art, Ludwig Foundation, Vienna; “Opening Moves, Nahum Tevet Sculptures”  curated by Lorand Hegyi (catalogue; texts by Lorand Hegyi, Sarit Shapira, Eli Friedlander)

1991 – Tel Aviv Museum of Art; “Painting Lessons: Sculptures 1984-1990” curated by Yona Fischer (catalogue; texts by Joshua Decter, Yonah Foncé-Zimmerman, Ido Bar-El)

1988 – Artifact Gallery, Tel Aviv, “New Works“.

1986-87 – Kunsthalle Mannheim, and Neue Galerie Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen  “Nahum Tevet: Sculptures”  curated by Joachim Kroniager and  Wolfgang Becker,(catalogue; texts by Michael Newman, Wolfgang Becker).

1984 – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; “Special Exhibit:  Nahum Tevet,Works 1983-1984”  curated by  Yigal Zalmona (leaflet; text by Yigal Zalmona

1982 – City University Graduate Center, New York;” – “Narcissus 1b, Narcissus 3a, and Drawings “, curated by Ray Ring (catalogue; text: Monroe Denton)

1982 – Noemi Givon Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, “Narcissus 2&new Wall reliefs”

1980 – Gallery Schmella, Dusseldorf, Drawings.

1979 – Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York, “Installation for Two Rooms

1978 – Galerie Schmella, Düsseldorf, “Drawings and Sculptures“.

1977 – Galerie Illane, Paris, “Drawings

1977 – Sarah Gilat Gallery, Jerusalem, “8×6”, drawings installation.

1976 – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; “Works, 1974-1976”,   curator: Yona Fischer (catalogue).

1975 – Gallery Schmella, Düsseldorf, “Glass Works”,

1972 – Sarah Gilat Gallery, Jerusalem,” Works, 1970-72″


Selected Group Exhibitions

2014 – Tel Aviv Museum of Art, -“In Conversasions”, curated by Suzan Landau.

2012 – Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv; “Gregor Schneider & Nahum Tevet,” curated by Ory Dessau.

2011 – The Herzliya Biennale of contemporary Art; curated by Ory Dessau (catalogue, text by Ory Dessau)

2010 – The Lodz Biennale,Poland

2008 – Brussels Biennale”Once is nothing” curated by Charles Esche and Maria Hlavajova (catalogue; texts by Chares Esche and Maria Hlavajova)

2004 – Museo d’arte Contemporanea Roma (MACRO), Rome; “The  Mediterraneans”,  curated by Danilo Eccher

2003 – The Venice Biennale  “Question Five, installation in the exhibition “Individual Systems,”; curated by Igor Zabel (catalogue; texts by Igor Zabel, Nahum Tevet).

2001 – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, “Love at First Sight: Arturo Schwarz Collection of Israeli Art,” curated by Amitai Mendelson (catalogue; text: Arturo Schwarz)

2000 – Kunstverein Heidelberg, “Zimzum: Contemporary Art from Israel”, curated by Hans Gercke

2000 – Louisiana Museum, Humlebæk, Denmark;  “Vision and Reality: Conceptions of the 20th Century,”; curator: Kjeld Kjelsen

1999 – Carnegie International 99/00, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, curator: Madeleine Grynsztejn (catalogue; texts by Madeleine Grynsztejn, Sarit Shapira)

1997 – Fourth Biennial of Contemporary Art, Lyon; curator: Harald Szeeman (catalogue; texts by Harald Szeeman, Michael Newman)

1997 – Arken Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen; “Selection from the Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall Collections,” curators: Annette Osterby and Amy Simon (catalogue)

1996 – Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthaal, and Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö, “”Untitled (1995-96)”, installation in the exhibition “Painting in the Extended Field” curators: David Neuman and Bo Nilsson (catalogue; text by Sven-Olov Wallenstein)

1994 – The 22nd Biennial of São Paulo; curator of Israeli section Sarit Shapira  (catalogue; text by Sarit Shapira)

1990 – The Israel; Museum, Jerusalem “Life Size: A Sense of the Real in Recent Art” curator: Suzanne Landau (catalogue)

1990 – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; “On Paper/In Paper/With Paper”,   curator: Meira Perry Lehmann (catalogue; text: Yigal Zalmona)

1988 –Luigi Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art, Prato, Italy; “Spaces ’88”   curator: Amnon Barzel (catalogue; text by Jan Foncé)

1987 – Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf; Columbia University, Sonnabend Gallery; and Leo Castelli Gallery, New York; “Similia/Dissimilia”, curator: Rainer Crone (catalogue; text by Michael Newman)

1987 – Documenta 8, Kassel; curator: Manfred Schneckenburger (catalogue; text by Michael Newman)

1986 – Tel Aviv Museum of Art “The Want of Matter: A Quality in Israeli Art”; curator: Sarah Breitberg-Semel (catalogue; text by Sarah Breitberg-Semel).

1980 – Biennal de Paris

1979 – Brooklyn Museum, New York, “Seven Artists from Israel, 1948-1978”,

1977-79 – Los Angeles County Museum, “Seven Artists from Israel, 1948-1978”,   curators: Maurice Tuchman and Stephanie Barron (catalogue; texts by Maurice Tuchman and Stephanie Barron).

1977 – Louisiana Museum, Humlebæk, Denmark; “10 Artists from Israel” curator: Yona Fischer (catalogue; text by Yona Fischer)

1974 – The Kibbutz Gallery, “Five Young Artists”, Tel Aviv.

1971 – The Artists’ House, Tel Aviv; “New Faces”,  curator: Raffi  Lavie


Selected Prizes

2013 – The EMET Prize for Art, Science and Culture, The office of The Prime Minister of Israel & A.M.N Foundation

2011 – Dizengoff Prize for Painting and Sculpture, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

2007 – Minister of Culture and Science Prize for Life Achievement in Art

1986 – Sandberg Prize for an Israeli Artist, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

1984 – Israel Discount Bank Prize for an Israeli Artist, Tel Aviv Museum


Selected Collections

– Philadelphia Museum of Art

– Museum of Modern Art, MOMA , New York

– Portland Art Museum,Portland.

– Museum of Modern Art, Ludwig Foundation,MUMOK, Wien.

– Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, Krefeld, Germany.

– Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany.

– Glaskasten Sculpture Museum, Marl, Germany

– Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall

– FRAC Bretagne, France

– Robert Rauschenberg Collection, New York

– The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

– Tel Aviv Museum of Art

– Haifa Museum of Art

– Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art.

– Giuliano Gori Collection, Fattoria di Celle, Pistoia, Italy

– Leo Katz Collection, Boguta, Colombia.

– Ygaal Ahuvi Collection, Tel Aviv.

– Genny and Selmo Nissenbaum Collection, New York.

And private collections in Israel and abroad.